• Agriculture

  • Agriculture: It’s what brought Holden and Phoebe Judson in the 1800’s, and it’s why many people continue to live and work in and around Lynden. Although dairy and berry tend to dominant the scene presently, in the past a person would have seen hops, flower bulbs, and chickens, both for eggs and meat.

    Presently dairy, berry (blue-, rasp-, straw- and black-) and potato are the dominant agriculture industries, with apples, beef, grapes, timber and various other renewable crops. Each contributes differently in seasonal availability, but helps strengthen to the Lynden community financially. Many businesses located within Lynden had their start, and continue to be supported by the Ag industry, from plumbers to welders, and equipment dealers to trucking companies. Ag is BIG in Lynden, that's why we have had a Farmers Day Parade for over 100 years, held the first Saturday in June.

  • Generations of Ag specialists make the fertile soils productive crops to feed the world