• The Great Lynden Trick or "Dutch" Treat

  • THURSDAY, october 31st 2024 | 2 - 5pm



    Event Information 

    The Great Lynden Trick or "Dutch Treat" 2024 takes place citywide in Lynden on Thursday, October 31st from 2:00-5:00 pm! 

    Bring your little boos & ghouls (Ages 13 & under, please) around town to get some scary good treats

    from your participating local Lynden Chamber of Commerce members! 

    Keep your one good pirate-eye out for the pumpkin-orange cones in front of participating Lynden Chamber of Commerce

    member businesses at Fairway Center, downtown Lynden and other locations around town.

    Best parking north of Grover Street, BUT PLEASE, cross Front and

    Grover Streets at the crosswalks with EXTREME CAUTION! SAFETY FIRST! And second for that matter.




    To participate:

    Businesses provide their own candy 


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