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  • What to Do

  • Take a bike ride in the country? How about some indoor roller skating? Take the young ones to a 25,000 playground or hike the mountain trails. Grab a pole and snag some fish. Maybe kayak the Sound, or enjoy a drive as the leaves change color. Endless possibilities from endless opportunities make endless memories! 

    Lynden: Did you know?

    • AGRICULTURE: The Lynden area is predominantly dairy, berry and potatoes.
    • Dairy’s value to the County is rough $193 million, over 14 million gallons a month!
    • We are the largest per-capita raspberry producing region in the world, with over 8,500 acres of the tasty berries in production!
    • Whatcom County is a certified seed potato area with around 2,000 acres harvested annually, producing nearly 38,000 TONS of seed!

    Around Town

    • Lynden was named and officially incorporated in 1891, with the “Mother of Lynden”, Phoebe Judson given Lynden its name when her husband Holden started a Post Office in the family home.
    • The Lynden Pioneer Museum has the largest collection of horse-drawn buggies west of the Mississippi!
    • Lynden has a tad under 15,000 residents within the city, and roughly (we haven’t personally counted) 5,000 in the surrounding area.
    • Most of Lynden’s 3,500 acres is fairly flat, making for excellent bike riding or walking
    • Industries such as Lynden Door, Preferred Freezer, Darigold, Oxbo, and Whatcom Manufacturing help supply the world with everything from doors to fruit pickers!
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