• Welkom Basket Program

  • How the Welkom Basket Program works:

    The Chamber office gathers the names of newcomers through a variety of sources, screening them carefully to be sure they meet our criteria as a "new resident". To qualify for a Welkom Basket visit, you must have moved to Lynden from outside the 98264 zip code in the last 12 months.  So, even if a person lived in Ferndale and moved to Lynden, the Chamber feels they will change their shopping habits and would be a potential new customer.  

    After they are screened and qualify for a Welkom Basket visit, our volunteers write their name on each coupon so when it's redeemed at your store or organization; you can match their name with the monthly report included with each monthly billing. 

    One of our hostesses schedules an appointment with the family at their convenience and then goes to their home to welcome them dressed in an authentic Dutch costume.  She goes through the sponsor coupons and explains the important role that the sponsors are to the success of the Welkom Basket program, encouraging them to redeem all the sponsors’ coupons.  Our sponsors report varying degrees of success, which seems in direct correlation with the offer they provide.

    Included in the basket, in addition to the sponsor coupons, are gifts from the Chamber, coffee mugs and other special "Lynden" type items.  Sponsors are encouraged to put in a free gift; for example, the Lynden Dutch Bakery includes raisin buns; Peoples Bank includes a mug or notepad and pen.  There are also calendars and other useful things for their new home.

    At the end of every month the hostess turns in a report sheet on every family who has been greeted.  Every family is asked for permission to use their name in our report; pending their approval, you will receive their name and address.  The Chamber office then prepares a report to send to you with your monthly billing statement.  Your business will be charged $1.75 per family; the average number of visits per month (about 12) varies, depending on schedule, time of year, new families moving in etc.

    This program is received so well by “newcomers” to our town!  We receive many positive responses monthly about not only how wonderful the it is, but how fun the visit was and how many questions about Lynden were answered during the visit. 

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